TECNA 3664

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Auto Body Spot Welding System

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TECNA 3664

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Auto Body Welders

The TECNA 3664 Smart Plus

The TECNA 3664

Resistance spot welding system, controlled by a microprocessor, designed for car body repair shops. The welding control unit with digital touch-screen enables to display and check all the welding parameters according to the type of tool, the type and thickness of the sheets to be welded.

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The welder’s main features are: system that automatically acknowledges the tool connected to the machine; Welding tool equipped with built-in transformer that is connected to the machine by means of an industrial plug and quick connection devices. Thus, it is possible to easily change the tool avoiding the use of keys, tools and screws; fully water-cooled welding tool, transformer, arms and electrodes, by means of a closed circuit cooling system placed on the trolley of the machine.